***I received two nights stay at Lakes of Wasaga Cottage and RV Resort from Parkridge***

The sun is shining. The air is warm. And the beach is just a few minutes down the road.

My family and I recently had the pleasure of staying in one of the rustic cabins of Parkridge’s Lakes of Wasaga Cottage and RV Resort. It was a perfect weekend for it. It was hot and sunny…the perfect combination for a weekend at Wasaga.  We stayed in a  two bedroom, one bathroom rustic cottage. We had a large open TV room/kitchen and a screened in back porch overlooking a small pond.

The inside of our rustic cabin/cottage. Lakes of Wasaga. Parkbridge

Lakes of Wasaga and RV Resort is just minutes from Wasaga Beach.  We joined several friends also hosted for the weekend and made sure to hit the beach for a little sun and sand.

But Lakes of Wasaga is not the only Parkbridge community in Wasaga Beach, there are several different communities there, including an affordable retirement community. It is just one of several affordable living communities Parkbridge has launched across Canada.

While in Wasaga, we had the opportunity to not only stay in an affordable land-lease cottage but tour one of the homes in Parkbridge’s affordable land-lease retirement community. The couple who owned the home we toured had recently moved in, downsizing from a two-story home. Their new Parkbridge home was a one floor home with new, modern amenities and upgrades.

Why Land Lease?

Land lease means you own your home but not the land it sits on. You lease the land from Parkbridge. The beauty of that is it makes home ownership more affordable which is so important when you are looking for retirement living (and even vacation living). It also means that since Parkbridge owns the land, the company is responsible for much of the maintenance, like lawn cutting, and snow removal. Parkbridge also builds and maintains the community’s infrastructure, like sidewalks, roads and community centres.

The neighbourhood at the retirement community and at the cottage and RV resort felt like a real community. There were numerous common areas. The people in both communities were friendly and welcoming. There was a real sense of community. While this kind of living might not be for everyone there are real benefits to the affordability of land lease.

About Parkbridge

As Canada’s leading owner, operator, and developer of land lease communities Parkbridge owns and operates over 120 residential and recreational communities across the country. Parkbridge has been operating since 1998. The company has communities in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Québec and the Maritimes. The foundation of these communities is the land lease model. According to Parkridge, this form of home ownership is affordable because residents own the home, without having to buy the land. It allows homeowners to free-up money for life’s other priorities and provides the opportunity for new homeowners to enter into home ownership without having all the upfront capital required in purchasing a traditional freehold home.


***I attended a blogger’s weekend at Parkbridge Resorts Lakes of Wasaga. This post was written by me, is truthful and represents my opinion.***

Author: imfreckles