Imagine, six people, staying in a one bedroom, one bathroom for nearly two weeks.

Do you have a firm image in your mind?

I recently traveled to San Diego with my family (two parents, two teen/tween kids). We have friends meet us there. All six of us met up at our one bedroom, one bathroom condo rental.  Yup, having that many people in such a small space can be more than a little challenging. Let’s just say it is tight on space but we make it work.  We are in San Diego to have fun after all. It is Comic-Con weekend after all!


Inside the San Diego convention centre

We spend most of our days out at the comic con or exploring San Diego but in the evening all six of us were in the condo. Mornings and evenings were busy at the condo. And you can imagine (not to get too personal) the small one bathroom of the condo had some heavy traffic. But thankfully I tossed in a little bottle of Get The Funk Out.

This was a LIFESAVER! A few sprays of Get The Funk OUT  and the air is filled with sweetness. The fragrance I choose was Bergamot Geranium. There is nothing like putting a product to the test big time and it was a great success. We all survived, especially our noses, the nearly two weeks living in close quarters.

In all honesty, I wasn’t sure a bottle of spray could handle the heavy traffic of six people using one small bathroom. Each visit to the loo proved the worth of Get The Funk Out. Everyone was surprised. A few little sprays and the funky smell was gone. It was like bathroom magic!

I loved this product so much I had to order a bottle for each bathroom for home and one for the main floor.  Not only is it great to keep the bathroom smelling sweet, I use it to keep the funky shoes smelling sweet at the front door,  to keep the couch smell fresh, and to keep the house smelling great!

Here are a few great things I learned about Get The Funk Out…

  • multi-use, natural, deodorant/deodorizer
  • It is made with a blend of essential oils known to kill germs, bacteria, and microbes
  • It is an effective deodorant, hand sanitizer, and deodorizer

Get The Funk Out is a must-have travel item. There is no way I will travel without this spray.  Want to get your own bottle of GET THE FUNK OUT? Check out the website here


***this post was not sponsored. I was not paid for this post or for using this product***

Author: imfreckles