About Me

new-bright-spot-photoYup, this is me.

To some, I am known as Christy. To others, ImFreckles.

I am a writer. I am a Mom. I am a wife.

This blog is my little bright spot on the Internet. I hope it is for you also. I write about things that make me happy, make me feel grateful for the life I have, and bring light, love, laughter to the world.  Writing about those things is not just about writing about all the things in my life, it is also about helping me see the brighter side of life when I might not be feeling happy or grateful.  We all feel down sometimes and that’s when we need a place to go to help us feel joy, happiness, and gratitude. OR just simply put a smile on your face for just a moment.

I love to write. I love to share with others but also just to write for myself. This blog will be that for me. It is a journal. A journey. A stop on the road. Writing a blog allows me to look back on the moments of my life and to see all those great moments.

What do you do to bring joy into your life?