So, I have a confession to make.

I am not gourmet cook! I can cook an average meal. It isn’t terrible but it is certainly not going to win me any awards. I can get by in the kitchen but could certainly do with some help cooking a delish meal.

So, with that said, I decided to try out one of those meal subscription box services. The first one up to the plate?


We went with the Pronto Box. We get three meals for four.

What Do You Get?

The meal boxes come with all the ingredients you need to make the meal.

  • vegetables
  • meat
  • spices
  • sauces
  • a recipe card with instructions and easy to follow photos

The meals are easy to follow. The recipe card has simple, easy to follow instructions. The cards offer step by step directions. The photos really offer solid guidance.

Confession Time…Again!

I have another confession to make. I actually don’t do the cooking when the boxes are delivered.

My 14-year-old daughter takes the lead in the kitchen and I LOVE IT! She loves it too! I am not even allowed in the kitchen to help. It’s a win-win-win for me. I get the easeĀ of having a meal delivered to my door, I don’t have to lift a finger to cook the meal, and I get to eat a delicious meal!

The food was healthy and tasty and there was always leftovers for the next day! There was more than enough food for the four of us!

Here is just a sampling of the meals we have had from Hello Fresh!


Decision Time?!?

So you might be asking, how much does this all cost?

The pronto box, which is three meals for four people, cost $139.00 Cdn.

Seem expensive?

For me, it is a good deal. I don’t have to find a recipe, write out a shopping list, drive to the store, go around the store finding all the ingredients, drive home, and then cook the meal. These meal boxes come with all the ingredients you need for the recipe and you don’t have any leftover ingredients you might never use again. The ingredients are exact and all you need to cook the meal. We get restaurant style meals without having a restaurant-style bill.

It is great to have the food box delivered right to the door! I don’t have to think about what is for dinner for at least three meals of the week. It takes the guesswork out of dinner for me!

Author: imfreckles