Six days in Spain! We traveled to Madrid. What a beautiful city.

The people were so friendly and generous. The architecture is frankly beautiful. The food was a bit of a challenge for me given that I don’t really like seafood but what I can say is it was an adventure.

We spent many nights walking around looking at the buildings. The lights were beautiful, placed just in the right place to highlight the unique architectural features of the old buildings. We stayed right downtown and so much of the shops, restaurants and museums were within walking distance.

Each night we walked for dinner, many times going for Tapas, small dishes of tasty food.

  1. small Spanish savory dishes, typically served with drinks at a bar.

The city of Madrid was just as impressive during the day, so many white buildings dotting the skyline. They were just beautiful set against the blue sky. On the weekend, I walked along the main street,  Gran Via,  until I reached an outdoor market. So many artisans were there, featuring and selling their work.

If you are looking to take in the culture of Madrid you don’t have to go far, it all around, from the architecture, the food, and the people. There is no shortage of works of art in this beautiful city. We did take one day to visit the Prado Museum to look at some of the greatest art masterpieces. One day isn’t really enough time to see everything, so if you are planning to check out the museums put aside more than one day so you can really take your time.

Museums of Madrid

Here is a great list with info for some of the best museums of Madrid



The food….. WOW … the food. This was just one of the beautiful meals we had the opportunity to sample. I will admit the amount of seafood and pork for this non-seafood-pork-eater was a challenge but the tapas were amazing. It was a great way to taste a lot of different foods while sharing the experience with good friends. The deserts were must fantastic. Oh, and who could forget the wine and limoncello!

We only had a chance to see a small portion of what Madrid has to offer. Want to know more about those most see things to do in Madrid, check out the link below.


Author: imfreckles