Daily Reminders

I subscribe to a lot of stuff that comes into my inbox every single day. Most I read occasionally…. but there is one email I read ALWAYS. That email is titled TUT…. the messages are always uplifting, inspiring and motivational.
Here is just one of the messages I have received recently….

Christy, here’s a snippet of advice that comes from an as yet undiscovered manuscript buried deep in some Pyrenees mountain cave…

“Choose feelings over logic, adventure over perfection, here over there, now over then, and always love, love, love.”

    The Universe 

I discovered TUT, messages from the Universe, after reading a book by Mike Dooley. The book is called Choose Them Wisely. It is a collection of some of the greatest messages from the Universe, emails that go out to people on the TUT newsletter/email list. It was a book that helped me get more focused and inspired. It reminded me to look for all the awesome stuff in my life right now and to be grateful for those things every day. The TUT messages help me to stay focused, inspired and motivated to have an attitude of gratitude every single day.

Author: imfreckles