crafting corner words

This craft was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. Are you surprised?

I needed a critter craft, and fast. My original plan for a Birthday party craft fell through so naturally I hit Pinterest. And that is when I found this!

Book Marks

This! find it here

These are some of the cutest bookmarks I have ever seen so naturally I had to follow the link and found this siteCTBaker In The Acres site is great!

Tonight, my girls tried making a few of these Origami Bookmarks to see how easy they are to make.

Supplies Needed:

Card stock or construction paper in various colors
Googlely Eyes for embellishment
The folding is a bit tricky at first BUT when you get it down it is smooth sailing from there.
Here are a few folding instructions:
1. It is easier to start with a square. The bigger the square the easier it is to fold. 6×6 is a good size to start with.
2. Fold that square into a triangle.
3. Fold the left corner to the center point.
4. Fold the right corner to the center point
5. Open up to a triangle again and fold one flap of the center point to the bottom
6. Re-fold the left corner towards the center point and tuck it into the pocket
7. Re-fold the right corner toward the center point and tuck it into the pocket

Check out CTBaker In The Acres she has some great pictures of the folding process!


The girls loved making them and they were super easy.  They made a lizard, a chicken and a bear.Success!

Why I love this craft is the bookmarks my girls made actually looks just like the ones posted on Pinterest!

The options are really endless. If you can think up a critter or creature you can make it! Let your imagination go wild!

This is great for a birthday party craft or just a craft for a rainy day!

Author: imfreckles