We had the pleasure of travel to Mexico City.  It wasn’t a trip about lying by the pool or on the beach of a resort since we were in the heart of Mexico City.

While not the typical tourist destination we enjoyed the culture and flavour of the city. The people were so nice. The food was great!


While in Mexico we did get the opportunity to see some amazing sights,  including a visit to the National Museum of Anthropology.

We only had one day there but there is so much we didn’t get to see. You could easily spend a couple of days walking through the amazing exhibits.

There are a number of great museums in Mexico City, be sure to check out a few! Here are few links to help you with some of the top must-see museums



We also took a bus out to the pyramids. The Pyramid of the Sun (Teotihuacan) and the Pyramid of the Moon (Teotihuacan).Teotihuacan, the city of the Gods, was founded around the time of Christ as one of the first major metropolitan areas in Mesoamerica. The pyramids here are truly impressive!  The Pyramid of the Moon is the second largest pyramid in the city. It was dedicated to The Great Goddess and was built between 200-450AD. It is several pyramids layered on top of one another, with a new burial chamber in each. The Pyramid of the Sun is the larger pyramid and is also in the city of the gods. It predates all of the Mayan structures by several centuries.

I managed to walk to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun. It was a serious hike in the sun but so worth it. When I reached the top I could see for several kilometers and there were several monarch butterflies flying around.

These two pyramids are the only ones across Mexico. It great that you get two pyramids at one sight. Worth the drive out of the cit. Want to know more about the pyramids? Check out this link http://www.touropia.com/pyramids-in-mexico/


Author: imfreckles