Here’s to summer!

Today is the last day of school for my kids. And you know what that means? No more making lunches or getting up early for two months and that has me excited. Can you relate?

Alright, while I am excited about no more packing lunches I realize there are other things to worry about now that the kids are home for the next two months. What the heck are we going to do with all that free time? Ok, hold your laughter for a few minutes, I know what you are thinking, who said anything about free time right? Actually, I am talking about the free time the kids have not the free time parents have. In our house, we work from home so there isn’t a lot of free time and having the kids home for the next two months will definitely cramp our style and routine!

So, how will we survive the summer and still have fun with the kids?

Here is my plan…


  • Even though the kids are home for the summer, we still work so sticking to some kind of routine will be important. While my work routine will be a bit different, it will be essential for me to get work done on a daily basis. Since I know the kids will be sleeping in every single day (because my kids are teenagers and there have to be some benefits at this age!) I am going to take advance of those quiet hours in the morning to get work done so when the kids are up we can have fun and leave the house on a daily adventure (even if it is only to the beach!)


  • With the morning full of work, the afternoons are going to be full of fun and adventure. Now that my kids are older the plan is to hit the road and day trip it! We are fortunate to live in Southern Ontario and so we are close to a lot of natural and urban attractions. The kids and I have decided to try to do as many fun things in our area as possible. We will be sharing our adventures here on the blog!!!! I have asked the kids to create a list of must do summer adventures and activities…the final list is TBA!!! Pools, museums, trails, attractions, and beaches are all on the list. I think the key here it to get the kids involved and offering up suggestions and recommendations!


  • Who am I kidding, I can’t be the summer fun cruise director all on my own. I think a key element to summer fun with kids is to include their friends in the fun!!! So, we have plans to have many play dates, hangouts, and sleepovers! Of course,  we will throw in a few days of chilling out and hanging out with a drink (wine for me, lemonade for kids) on the porch!!!

What are your tips for surviving summer and having fun with the kids? I would love to hear all about how you are planning summer fun!



Author: imfreckles