Sydney, Australia

Australia. It is a trip of a lifetime. We had an amazing opportunity to travel with my husband to Australia. It was a two-week trip. The first week was spent in Sydney and the second week in Brisbane.  I am going to split the trip up into several parts. This first part is going to be an overview of our first few days in Syndey.

We are very lucky because we get to travel to some fantastic places around the world. My husband draws comic books for a living and gets invited to some amazing places for Comic Book Conventions. It is a true privilege to be able to travel because of comic books. When my husband got invited to Australia it was a no brainer for the kids and me. My kids have always wanted to visit Australia but it was one of those dream, bucket list destinations. Naturally, when the invite came in we jumped at the chance to tag along!

We got to do some amazing things! I am going to do a quick run down on things in this first post with a follow-up post or two, or three, on some of the specific fun, with pictures.

2-Hour Boat Tour of Sydney Harbour

We decided we wanted to see as much as we could of Sydney Harbour. We decided a boat tour would be a fun way to do that. There were two kinds of tours; a hop on, hop off tour or two straight hours without getting off. We opted for the 2-hour tour without getting off since we spent the day before this at the Blue Mountains area walking the trails and looking at the amazing rock formations (blog post to come – it was so amazing it deserves its a post all on its own).

The two-hour tour gave us a great view of the famous Syndey Opera House.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

The views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge were amazing. We were not brave enough to do it but if you are you can take an up close and personal walking tour up the bridge! It’s called the Sydney BridgeClimb. If you are not afraid of heights it is certainly a must do! We settled for the views from the boat and the ground!

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Fort Denison

What is now a popular destination for history buffs once served as a defense facility that kept watch over the bay, It has a cute little restaurant there where you can dine, inside or out!

Taronga Zoo

We decided to stay on board rather than get off here! Remember, we had done some serious, heavy duty walking in the Ble Mountains the day before and we knew we were heading to Brisbane and would be visiting Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo in a few days so we decided to skip it! If you take the hop on, hop off boat tour it is one of the stops and worth the visit!

Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour was a few minutes walk from our hotel. It is a great spot for restaurants and attractions. All the restaurants have outdoor seating with a fantastic view of the harbour and the boats. We spent more than a few hours watching the boats and people, eating at some of the great restaurants, and checking out the attractions, including…

  • SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium with more than 13,000 animals
  • WILD LIFE Sydney showcasing Australia’s unique wildlife
  • Madam Tussauds with the unique collection of lifelike wax figures

Darling Harbour is also where you can buy tickets for boat tours, cruises, and attractions!

Coming up in PART 2 of our trip to Sydney, Australia, is our tour of Sea LIfe Sydney and Wild Life Sydney! Can’t wait to share all the amazing sea creatures and wildlife we got to see just steps from our Sydney Hotel!



Author: imfreckles