I have to admit that I don’t really make resolutions ….really. What I do isn’t really as firm or committed as a resolution.  BUT this year I made plans to be healthier, healthier mind, body and spirit.

 It is February and so far the plan is still on course. I am trying to eat healthier, including scaling down my coffee intake and juicing. I am also continuing to work out having joined a group of ladies who walk (ok, speed walk) and exercise every week with TreadPowerfully.

Now what?

What happens if your interest wains? How do you stay focused on the goal or resolution you have set for yourself?

Here are just five tips that might help you stay on course.

1. Stay Focused
I like to remind myself often of what I promised myself (no one else, just me) for 2013. It is not meant to be pressure just encouragement! Write yourself a reminder note, post it somewhere you will see often.

2. Be Kind…to yourself
Don’t be too hard on yourself. This is one that I struggle with often. It is all about a journey and change doesn’t happen in an instant. If you have a bad day, don’t beat yourself up, just strive to do better the next day.

The next three tips are from my friend, Sue Abell,  motivator and kick-A@* coach every week when I hit the pavement with a group with TreadPowerfully.

3. Accept today
You will be propelled into success if you can be okay
with where you are right at this very second instead of lamenting what
got you there.

4. Get out of your head
There are going to be ups
and downs in this resolution journey. Each day write down one thing
you’re grateful for and three little things you learned about your

5.Partner up
No resolution is complete without uttering
your commitment to someone and thus creating accountability. Pick
someone who is a cheerleader and a butt-kicker.

Thanks Sue for being that cheerleader and butt-kicker for me every Thursday morning!

What do you do to help keep those resolutions? I would love to hear a few others

Author: imfreckles

  • You are amazing Christy, this post is so spot on and I adore kicking your butt every Thursday! This year will be the best yet. My other big tip is to set short term success markers and to celebrate by making a date with a good friend to chat!

  • thanks Sue! those are great tips as well….setting short term success markers really helps me keep going every Thursday

  • sara rams

    Thanks Sue for the link to Christy's Blog. I enjoyed the read and what a cool blog Christy! I look forward to coming back. i must add one of my own keys to goal setting.,, How do i keep a resolution? Find a way to make the process feel good.Find the joy. If i dont like the program, or the timing, or the activity, it's going to be really hard to stay committed. If you are doing the right thing for YOU it will feel good and you'll be happy to repeat it over and over to reach your goal. Set yourself up for success. If there is no joy, perhaps it's not the right goal… or you need to look at what you want to achieve from a different angle.. Not only does this lighten my load but it keeps me fresh and feeling less judgement on a daily basis. Thanks for letting me share my two cents worth. I do love this stuff 🙂

  • Thanks Sara … I appreciate your tips! Glad you like my blog.. and thanks for the comment!